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Marcaida Kali Metaverse

Training Dojo

World renowned martial artist and television personality Doug Marcaida, of the hit series "Forged in Fire", brings groundbreaking immersive, Filipino Kali martial arts training to the VR Metaverse. 

VR Trainings

For the first time in history, you can train "1-on-1" with world reknowned martial arts expert Doug Marcaida, at any time, from anywhere, in our fully immersive virtual reality Marcaida Kali Metaverse Dojo

Live Events

Stay tuned! Live VR Metaverse Marcaida Training Events with Doug Marcaida coming soon!


Available weapons for trainings include Kali stick (1 Stick​, 2 Stick), Knife​, Karambit, and other exotic weaponry.


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